About US

Who we are?

India Mission, Mission India (IMMI) is an Evangelical, Interdenominational Christian ministry began with the conviction that the churches in India needed something more than just another Ministry. Rather, it needed an evangelical mission-focused Seminar for Pastors and Leaders through sound doctrine and rightly handling the Word of truth that held on to the centrality of the Christian gospel, as well as contained sound theological learning, to equip Pastors/Leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
IMMI begun with the vision given to Rev.Dr. Lee Yun Ho and Rev. Sunam Ratna in 2009, to REACH and to TEACH with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to fellow Indians. Like-minded people in India agreed on the need for such a vision and have joined hands with IMMI. We seek to reach the unreached and to Teach them to teach others.
Now IMMI has reached many parts of India and neighbouring countries, impacting and motivating many churches through teaching, training and conducting Seminars giving training to pastors andleaders IMMI began with few pastors/Leaders but now it’s a family of 5000 plus Pastors/Missionaries/Leaders throughout India.
Since 2010 IMMIhas been conducting Pastors and Leaders seminars in different parts of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Siliguri, Sikkim, Mumbai and Odisha etc.

Our VIsion

We seek to be the best theological educational institution in India to train the Pastors, Evangelists and Missionaries who had no privileges of studying in Theological colleges. Teaching them to teach others. (2Tim.2:2).

Our Mission

To train and equip under privileged pastors/ Christian leaders to demonstrate Christ-likeness, and excellence in academic, in ministry and in mission, by offering degree programmes in a caring and needy community.

Statements of Faith

Today’s Indian Churches recognize that there is much confusion amongst churches when it comes to doctrines and practices. This confusion has resulted from differing positions on the authority of Scripture churches were originally founded. As error crept in overtime in churches the India Misison, Mision India (IMMI) began with the conviction. Consequently, the following vision and mission statement distinctive summarize the IMMI’s commitment to walk together in obedience to the Scriptures with agreed upon allowance for differences within the general framework of a strict subscription to our biblical and wise polity practices
IMMI Has Four-Fold Ministries