Who we are?

India Mission, Mission India (IMMI) is an Evangelical, Interdenominational Christian ministry began with the conviction that the churches in India needed something more than just another Ministry. Rather, it needed an evangelical mission-focused Seminar for Pastors and Leaders through sound doctrine and rightly handling the Word of truth that held on to the centrality of the Christian gospel, as well as contained sound theological learning, to equip Pastors/Leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
"making disciples of nations, fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ.."


Bible College Courses

INDIA MISSION, MISSION INDIA (IMMI THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY) IMMI Theological Seminary is an institute for theological studies in Bangalore, India. We have a Christian ethos and aim at a pursuit of excellence for God’s service. IMMI runs in a rented building. IMMI theological Seminary offers both Residential and correspondence degreesTeaching and research are facilitated by well–qualified faculty members

PASTORS/LEADERS' SEMINAR (India Mission, Mission India)

It’s design to prepare and train pastors/leaders so that they (Pastors) may excel in understanding of God the Bible and to be effective and productive in the field where they have called for. Every year we conduct pastors/leaders’ Seminar in these following cities. There are about 2000 pastors in our India Pastors Fellowships.

IMMI Offers Following Graduate Degree Programmes

IMMI Offers Following Graduate Degree Programmes

C.Th ( Certificate in Theology) is a year program

D.Th ( Diploma in Theology) is a year program

B.Th(Bachelor of Theology) is a three years program

B.D(Bachelor of Divinity) is a year program

M.Div (Master of Divinity) is a two-year program

M.Min ( Master of Ministry) is a year program